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News & Updates

November 22nd, 2017
Murphy's first litter arrived early and sadly we lost most of the litter. Thankfully Murphy and her 4 remaining puppies are doing well!

April 18th, 2017
Zoe's final litter has arrived! Zoe & Zeb's "WW" litter arrived during the day on the 15th. We have 7 beautiful puppies, 3 males and 4 females. They have gorgeous markings and we can't wait to watch them grow <3

February 8th, 2017
We've had a difficult last week with losing Varney in the "VV" litter and Vane started to fade. With lots of extra care and antibiotics Vane is showing very promising signs! He is back with his mom and siblings and has quite an appetite :) 

December 8th, 2016
Irish Wind's "F" litter arrived on the 3rd! Ziva and Finn are proud parents of their first litter which consists of 12 puppies! Ziva has 5 males and 7 females. Mom and puppies are all doing well. 

June 27th, 2016
We currently have an "empty nest". Scotty from the "TT" litter is staying here but we are not sure what his name will be :) We (Stony Creek) may have a litter on the way and will find out on July 9th. We had yet to successfully breed Sadie, who will be 6 on July 4th. We decided to try a surgical implant, which gives us the best chance of pregnancy other than a natural (which Sadie will not allow). Fingers crossed as this is most likely her one and only chance! 

Irish Wind kennel may also have a new litter from a new mother on the way! Bonnie was bred previously via AI from an outside male but did not take. This heat she was bred naturally to Zeb and we will find out if she is pregnant on July 5th!

May 4th, 2016
The "TT" litter arrived on April 28th! Besty welcomed 6 new little ones! In honor of their daddy Shepherd's Way Dr. McCoy or also known as, Bones, we decided that this will be our "Trekkie" litter :)

April 14th, 2016
The "RR" puppies have almost all gone to their new homes, only Raven & Rickie are still with us but will be leaving in 2 days. Molly & Barney's "SS" or surprise litter arrived on the 12th. Molly delivered 9 beautiful puppies! We decided to do another theme so the "SS" litter will be "Sound of Music" litter. The puppies are named after the 6 children, with the exception of Louisa because we had a Louisa in the "QQ" or Jane Austen litter, Maria, Abbey (for the Abbey) & Austa for Austria. We are very excited to see how these puppies turn out!!

March 27th, 2016
We've had a crazy and exciting last month. All of Irish Wind's "D" litter has gone to their new homes and are settling in very nicely. Stony Creek's "RR" litter is now 6 weeks old and will be heading off to their new homes very soon. Stony Creek received more good news that the breeding took between Betsy and Bones, an outside male that lives in California. We used frozen sperm and the ultrasound showed 5-6 puppies. We received another blessing in the fact that Molly is expecting as well! Molly was in heat in February and we were not planning on breeding her due to our other plans. We removed her from Barney's company in what we thought was "in time"... Well Barney and Molly had a secret and after Molly began gaining weight and we realized that she was indeed pregnant we took her for an ultrasound to get an idea of how many pups. The ultrasound showed around 7 pups in her litter. We are estimating a due date around April 12th so her litter will be about 2 weeks before Betsy's. God has bestowed us many blessings this Easter!

March 1st, 2016
Irish Wind's "D" litter will be 6 weeks old tomorrow and getting close to going to their new homes. We were hit with the very unexpected loss of Aladdin on the 26th. Aladdin began having seizures late afternoon and we rushed him to the vet. He had been fine all day and it came on so suddenly. Nothing worked to alleviate his suffering and we had to make a very difficult decision. We are still awaiting results from the vet but it is believed to be injury related.
Stony Creek's "RR" litter arrived on February 12th and are currently 2 weeks old.

February 3rd, 2016
Irish Wind's "D" litter is 2 weeks old now and doing great! We received some good news the other day as well. Zoey (Irish Wind) along with Zoe and Jack (Stony Creek) had recently been tested for CEA, PRA-PRCD & DM. The results came back with the girls being clear for all 3 and Jack is clear on PRA-PRCD and DM, and a carrier for CEA.

December 18th, 2015
Irish Wind has decided to bred Zoey one last time before her retirement to Stony Creek's newest young Stud. Zoey has been an excellent mother and has produced wonderful, sweet, intelligent pups. Her litter will be due around January 20th, 2016!

Stony Creek's newest litter is in the works. Zoe was bred to Zeb for our hopeful "RR" litter. We will find out if she is expecting around January 12th and if pregnant the pups would be born around February 15th, 2016!

October 5th, 2015
Unfortunately, Bonnie did not take so there are no puppies in the near future due here. We do have plans to breed later this fall/winter and are working on health tests of younger dogs as well!

August 31st, 2015
Sadly Xaria & Bones breeding did not take. :( However, Irish Wind's young female Bonnie was bred to a nice outside male so they may be expecting a litter at the end of October.

August 12th, 2015
As the "QQ" & "C" puppies are headed off to their new homes Stony Creek has another litter in the works. We decided to bring Xaria out of her semi-retirement and bred her to a very nice young male in California. Xaria was successfully bred to Bones on August 7th and we will find out if she is expecting around September 3rd. Fingers crossed she takes but either way this will be her final breeding. If she is pregnant she would be due around October 7th and pups would be ready for their new homes around early December.

July 16th, 2015
Both Irish Wind's "C" litter & Stony Creek's "QQ" litter are 4 weeks old now! Both litters are doing great and really starting to act like puppies. Their personalities are beginning to show and they are such a fun and sweet bunch. Can't wait to put the two litters together to play!

June 22nd, 2015
Irish Wind's "C" litter out of Jake & Zoey arrived on June 15th with 12 puppies! Zoey lost the very small runt but the remaining 11 pups are a week old today and doing great! Stony Creek's "QQ" out of Zeb & Betsy arrived on June 18th with 8 puppies! We decided to do another theme with this litter so the "QQ" pups are the Jane Austen themed litter.

April 21st, 2015
We might be having puppies in the next few months! Zoey & Jake were successfully bred for Irish Wind's "C" litter. If Zoey is pregnant should would be due around June 15th. Stony Creek successfully bred Betsy & Zeb and the "QQ" litter may be due around June 20th. 

January 4th, 2015
Happy New Year! The "PP" pups are 6 weeks old now. They are such a fun and social bunch. I can't remember the last time the entire litter was this happy! I just uploaded a video of the puppies playing with new items in their box. They all showed great interest and handled the new "scary" things amazingly. We are still looking for the right forever homes!

November 29th, 2014
The "PP"arrived on the 21st. Momma & pups are all doing great. Since this is the "PP" litter and I wanted to do another theme litter like I did with our "NN" litter I decided that PP should stand for Peter Pan. All the puppies have Peter Pan themed names :)

November 16th, 2014
Irish Wind's "B" litter is 7 weeks old today and starting to get ready to go to their new forever homes! There are still two males looking to find their forever families! Stony Creek's "PP" litter is due any day now. This will be Zoe's first litter with us and Kent's first litter period. We are very excited!!

September 19th, 2014
The last few weeks we've been working on finding and scanning the various title certificates that our dogs have earned over the years. We've found most of them but a few are still missing. We've added a "Brags" page where these titles can be viewed. We plan on adding to the Brags with more of our dogs accomplishments and also the achievements of some of our past puppies!

August 29th, 2014
Irish Wind's "B" litter is on the way! Zoey was bred to Heidtman's Stryker and they are expecting puppies the end of September! Also, Brie earned her CT-ATCH in July!

April 28th, 2014
All the "OO" puppies have been in their new homes for a couple of weeks now and all settled in! Now that Spring is here we are hoping to get started on our agility season!!

March 23rd, 2014
The "OO" pups are 6 weeks old today and had their first adventure outside! It was pretty cold today but the pups enjoyed a few minutes outside and their first time seeing both grass (what little brown stuff we had) and snow :)

March 16th, 2014
The "OO" puppies are 5 weeks old now and doing fantastic! They had a very busy day today getting their pictures done, nails clipped and had a new video taken while exploring new strange things.

February 10th, 2014
Stony Creek's "OO"  has arrived. Xaria and Jake's litter arrived on February 9th with 9 new little ones. We have beautiful clear sable and whites, tri's and black and tan's with whites! Pictures are up on the site!

December 12th, 2013
Liley was confirmed not pregnant so Irish Wind's "B" litter is a no-go for now. Stony Creek's "OO" is now in the works. Xaria was bred to Jake after plans for using an outside male fell through. However, we are very hopeful for this potential litter!

November 3rd, 2013
Irish Wind's "B" litter is in the works. After hearing how great Liley & Jake's previous litter has been turning out Randi decided to repeat the breeding.

October 31st, 2013
AJ went to her new home today so the "NN" litter has officially left the nest! We wish all the puppies & families the best of luck!

October 10th, 2013
Just uploaded a new video of Maxie & AJ having some fun in the agility yard. These girls are looking for their forever homes and would make a great future agility dog. Both have shown little fear of the equipment and are very eager to please.

September 24th, 2013
The pups are 8 weeks old and beginning to leave the nest. We still have a couple of puppies looking for their forever homes!

September 17th, 2013
The "NN" or Tiger pups are 7 weeks old today! The time once again has flown by but the new families are anxiously awaiting their new little ones :)

September 4th, 2013
Sadie is in heat! We are planning on breeding her to Ripley for her first litter that will hopefully arrive later this fall.

August 27th, 2013
Just uploaded a new video and the puppies 4 week pictures. They are a very playful and social bunch. They are constantly wanting to be petted and give kisses :)

August 13th, 2013
The "NN" or "Tiger" litter is now 2 weeks old! They had a big day today, new pictures and their nails clipped for the very first time.

August 1st, 2013
Betsy delivered her first litter on the 30th between 10:20 AM - 12:30 PM. She quickly delivered 8 healthy puppies and is being a fantastic first time mom! Before our "K" litter we used to have themes or name puppies whatever we thought suited them. We decided to start the litter letters to help keep documents more organized but we've missed the occasional theme so for our "NN" litter we've decided to go with a Detroit Tigers theme. All of the puppies are named after current Tiger players :)

July 8th, 2013
Stony Creek's "NN" litter has been confirmed and is due at the end of the month. Irish Wind's breeding between Zoey and Rio did not take this time around :(

June 8th, 2013
6 of the "A" puppies have gone to their new homes already with the last 2 going next weekend. Little Agnes is staying with us as Randi's daughter has claimed her, or should I say Agnes claimed Mariah?? :) Her name is being changed to Bonnie as a memorial to the "first" Irish Wind. The first Bonnie was from Stony Creek's "A" litter back in 97'. She was the runt of her litter and a clear sable and white as well, though ended up being a 60 lb girl, and her registered name was Stony Creek's Irish Wind Bonnie. We thought it was only fitting to change Agnes, who is the runt of Irish Wind kennel's "A" litter and the first Bonnie's great-granddaughter!

On another note, Stony Creek has a planned breeding between Betsy and Zeb that would be due around July 30th. Randi, who is expecting herself made the decision to bred Zoey this heat to Rio from Green Mountain English Shepherds in NC, and have another litter before her own child arrives rather than juggle a three-year old, and couple month old baby and a new litter of puppies if she waited until her next heat! :)

June 4th, 2013
The "A" litter will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and the first of the puppies will be going to their new homes! We just uploaded the last of the new pictures and one last video :)

May 22nd, 2013
The "A" litter's 6 week old pictures are up along with a video taken over the weekend. All the puppies are spoken for and we are just waiting until they are 7 weeks to do their final temperament testing!

April 24th, 2013
The puppies are 2 weeks old now and all are doing a great! Their new pictures are up and you can see that some of them have their eyes open :) We currently have a couple of males and possibly one female available.

April 11th, 2013
We received a ray of sunshine since having said goodbye to Rizzo. We welcomed Irish Wind's first official litter! Liley gave birth to 9 healthy puppies on April 10th! Mom and puppies are all doing well. Pictures are now up on the "A" litter page.

March 22nd, 2013
We sadly lost Rizzo on the 19th. It was a heartbreaking decision that we knew was coming.... but that didn't make saying goodbye any easier. We knew it was time to let her go and not be in pain any longer and are so very greatful for the extra month that we got to spend with her! We had 13 wonderful years with her and couldn't have asked for a better girl! We'll miss you everyday Riz <3

March 6th, 2013
Irish Wind is expecting the "A" litter. Liley was confirmed pregnant!

February 21st, 2013
After much deliberation Randi has finally decided that her kennel name will be Irish Wind English Shepherds! Irish Wind has a great meaning to Randi and goes back to our Bonnie (Stony Creek's Irish Wind Bonnie). Bonnie, who was from our "A" litter, held a very special place in Randi's heart and most of Randi's current ES's go back to Bonnie, so it was only fitting to use her name as a tribute :)
Randi has been moving towards her own kennel for years now, and has produce several of "our" litters. The "Y", "AA", "DD", "FF", "HH", "KK" & "LL" have all been Randi's litters, she was just missing her own name. Randi's hopeful upcoming litter between Liley & Jake will be the "A" litter for Irish Wind English Shepherds!

February 13th, 2013
Yesterday I uploaded the 7 week old video for the "MM" Litter. After much deliberation we finally have matched the puppies and Mason and Magnus are still looking for their forever homes. The puppies will be turning 8 weeks old on Saturday and will begin leaving this weekend :(

January 31st, 2013
Just uploaded a new video of the "MM" puppies at 5 weeks old.

January 22nd, 2013
After a surprising turn of events we now have both Louie & Larkin looking for new forever homes. Louie's family had to back out when he was 7 1/2 weeks old and Larkin's had to back out at 9 1/2 weeks, due to the families scheduling difficulties and their jobs. Both of these puppies would be wonderful family/farm companions, love kids, and are looking for a loving home!

January 20th, 2013
The "MM" puppies are now 4 weeks old! We have their first video and new pictures up on the site. Only Larkin and Louie are with Randi now. Larkin will be picked up this week but Louie is still looking for his forever home after his family had to back out last minute :(

January 7th, 2013
The first of the "LL" puppies will be leaving us shortly. The new "MM" pictures are now up! The puppies are 2 weeks old and all of their eyes are almost open.

December 29th, 2012
Xaria blessed us with 9 new little ones on the 22nd! Mom & pups are doing great and I just put their week old pictures up. The "LL" puppies are now 6 weeks old and getting closer to going to their new anxiously awaiting families!

December 12th, 2012
The puppies are 4 weeks old today! Boy has the time flown by! They are continuing to do well and seem to be a very curious & social bunch. They especially love 2-year old Mariah, who has to hold each of her "pup pups" every night before she'll go to bed :)

December 4th, 2012
We just uploaded the newest pictures of the "LL" pups and boy have they've grown! All the pups now have their eyes open and are continuing to do well. :)

November 18th, 2012
Xaria was confirmed pregnant! Zeb and Xaria's "MM" is due right around Christmas eve!

November 15th, 2012
Bella and Xanto's "LL" has arrived! The puppies were born November 14th. We have 8 puppies, 2 clear sable & white (1 male & 1 female), 2 Tri color females, & 4 sable and white (1 male & 3 females).

October 16th, 2012
Bella was confirmed pregnant! Bella and Xanto's "LL" litter is due around November 15th. They saw around 8 pups in the ultrasound :)

September 20th, 2012
Bella was bred to Xanto. We've been very pleased with their past litters and wished to breed Bella one last time.

August 2nd, 2012
Liley was confirmed not pregnant, which was pretty disappointing :( We have hopeful plans to breed again in the next couple of months.

June 24th, 2012
Liley is in heat and we are planning on breeding her to Jake. If she does become pregnant the pups will be due in late August and ready for their new homes around the end on October, all depending on when she's bred.

June 1st,  2012
Jupiter went to his new home last week and we officially are "puppy-less"! Randi is hoping to breed Liley later this summer, so we might have a litter again in August or September. Summer agility trials are beginning and the dogs have enjoyed competing again! Brie did excellent at her last trial Q'ing in 11 of her 12 runs! We also got good news today. Zeb, Jake, Xaria and Betsy (from our "II" litter) all came back Normal/Normal from their MDR1 tests. 

April 12th,  2012
I took and uploaded new pictures of Zeb in his photo gallery today. I also updated all the other dog's photo galleries with newer pictures we've taken the past couple of months. We still have Jenavieve & Jupiter from our "JJ" litter looking for their forever home. We have Kent here as well but have several families interested in him. I'm going to miss not having all the pups around but I love getting the new pictures from their families as they grow!

March 18th,  2012
Jonah from our "JJ" went to his new home this past week. I took new pictures and videos of the remaining two"JJ" pups and the "KK" pups which turned 6 weeks old today!

March 11th,  2012
Jasper from our "JJ" went to his new home today, so we are down to the three remaining "JJ" pups. I took new pictures and videos of the three "JJ" pups and the "KK" pups which turned 5 weeks old today! We had some gorgeous weather and the pups really enjoyed themselves :)

February 28th,  2012
I just updated the "JJ" pups 7 week old pics and the "KK" pups 3 week old pics, along with a new video of the "JJ" pups first adventure outside! We currently have 3 pups available in our "JJ" litter.

February 15th,  2012
Randi welcomed her newest litter on Feb 5th (Grandma Rizzo's 12th birthday!). I just uploaded Bella & Xanto's "KK" puppies week old pictures. After our current litters we are taking the spring and summer off and won't be planning any litters until late fall/winter.

February 9th,  2012
I just updated the "JJ" litters 4 week old pictures. They are getting so big and playful! :)

January 18th,  2012
I just took and uploaded the new pictures of the "JJ" litter. The pups eyes are beginning to open! :) I also just uploaded a new video of the remaining "II" pups. 

January 7th,  2012
The "HH" litter has offically all left the nest! Harlan went to his new homes this afternoon. We still have Ike, Innis, Igor and Iris looking for their forever home. Xaria, who did a split heat cycle, is due to have her litter any day now!

January 2nd, 2012
The "II" puppies are starting to go to their new homes. We still have 10 week old Harlan from the "HH" litter looking for the right home along with Iris, Ike, Innis & Igor. 

December 23rd, 2011
Well we're down to two "HH" pups :( I just uploaded the "II" puppies 6 week pictures which also turned into a Christmas photo shoot! Additional puppy pictures can also be found on our Facebook page. I always load a few extra on there so people can see more then one "pose". Happy Holidays!!!

December 17th, 2011
I just updated the "HH" puppies pictures. This will be the last day that the whole litter is together :( Hagen, Hazard and Hutch are leaving tomorrow, Hawk and Halyn are leaving on Friday, and Hunter is leaving on the 27th. Harlan is still looking for this forever home. The "II" puppies are going to be 6 weeks tomorrow and we will be doing the evaluations probably in the middle of next week!

November 28th, 2011
The "HH" & "II" puppies pictures are now updated. The "HH" pups are 5 weeks old and the "II" pups are 3 weeks old! At this point all the female from both litters are spoken for. We do have a couple Tri color males, 2 black and white males and 1 clear sable male looking for their forever home.

November 20th, 2011
The "II" puppies pictures were updated on the 18th and I just updated the "HH" pictures. The babies are getting so big! :)

October 4th, 2011
Brie was confirmed pregnant today with around 11 puppies! Soon we'll have our hands full with puppies :) Randi will have Zoey's litter at her house next door at the end of the month and Brie will have her litter here with us around the 7th of November!

September 28th, 2011
Zoey is pregnant and due around October 23rd!

August 18th, 2011
Well Zoey is now in season, and we are hoping to breed her and get some puppies on the ground! On another note, Kati received her CT-ATCH 2 title in the mail the other day! We are extremely proud of our girl as she is the first English Shepherd in CPE history to earn a C-ATCH 2!!!!

August 12th, 2011
We haven't had the best luck breeding this spring/summer. We are currently waiting for some of our girls to come into season. Check back soon to see if we have more immediate breeding plans!

June 25, 2011
After a touch & go breeding trial with Xanto & Bella, we received a conformation that Bella is not pregnant. :( We have a couple of breeding pairs in mind so check back soon to see if we have a litter on the way!

March 26th, 2011
Gana & Gage went to their new forever homes this week. We now officially have an empty nest! :( Randi is planning on possibly breeding Bella when she comes into season. We're not sure who the sire would be at this time. I also uploaded a couple pictures of the "GG" puppies that their families have sent.

March 15th, 2011
First off a VERY Happy 15th Birthday to Betsy!!!!!! Most of her great-great grand-babies, the "GG" Litter, have gone to their new homes now. We currently just have Gage, who is looking for his forever home and Gana, who will be picked up next Tuesday. The house is beginning to feel empty :(

February 26th, 2011
The puppies are almost 7 weeks old and the time has just flown by! Most of the puppies are spoken for but we still have a few looking for their forever homes. I just updated their pictures, which is becoming VERY difficult! Each week the puppies get older the more they want to be in your lap and not sitting nicely for their pictures :) The pictures don't do these guys justice! I also took a new video of the puppies which definitely shows their looks and personality a whole lot more. 

February 13th, 2011
The puppies are 4 weeks old now and growing like weeds! We updated their pictures last Tuesday the 8th and have been trying to get the video we took back on the 3rd uploaded, which we finally succeeded! The puppies are the biggest social bunch right now. I just wished I had more hands! It's hard to give some lovin' to 9 puppies with only 2 hands :)

January 24th, 2011
The "week 2" pictures of the "GG" puppies are now up. They will technically be 2 weeks old tomorrow. They now all have their eyes open and are eager to begin crawling around this new world!

January 13th, 2011
We officially have our "GG" litter's pictures on the site! Mom & pups are doing great and really starting to grow :)

January 11th, 2011
Xaria went into labor last night and delivered the first puppy around 10:30 this morning. As of right now we have 9 puppies. Xaria is resting and puppies are doing great! We've made a couple changes to the site. We've added individual photo galleries for each of the dogs.

October 16th, 2010
Two weeks ago on October 3rd we had a FEDS (Families Exploring Down Syndrome) group visit our apple orchard and the puppies loved it! Egan, Felix, Fallon, Finn & Fergus all enjoyed meeting, playing and giving the kids many kisses and tail wags! All but one male pup (Egan) from the "EE" Litter have all found their forever homes. We also still have 4 puppies from the "FF" Litter looking for their forever homes. I updated the "FF" pictures the other day, they sure have changed since the previous ones.

September 18th, 2010
Kati got her CT-ATCH last Sunday, September 12th, at our CPE agility trial!!!! She is our first ES to complete this title & we couldn't be more proud :D

August 30th, 2010
Today we received the DNA results for the "FF" Litter! Turns out that Xanto sired the entire litter! :) Anyway I got new pictures of these beautiful puppies up as well as a video of them all playing.

August 22nd, 2010
Enos & Eden went to their new homes yesterday. We have mixed feelings seeing our babies go, we'll miss them but it's always great to see how happy the families are. After a lot of ups and downs the past few weeks of deciding which puppies should go to which homes we have Emris, Egan & Ella all looking for their forever homes. I've uploaded new videos of the "EE" litter. We usually wait until we know which puppy is going to which family before we put spoken for on their name, which is generally at 7 weeks, but after several people have specifically asked about Fawnee from the "FF" litter we've put spoken for on her. We have a family that has put a deposit down and first preference would be her so if the personality fits then she's found her new home :)

August 6th, 2010
The "EE" Litter is almost 6 weeks old now and we'll have people coming to visit. I just uploaded a video of the puppies having a blast outside the other day!!  We have 2 males still available in the "EE" Litter. They are so much fun to watch and play with :) The "FF" Litter is 3 weeks old now and we have both males and females (all colors) available from the "FF" Litter.

July 21st, 2010
Our "EE" & "FF" Litters arrived! Brie gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies on June 26th, 2010 & Liley had her beautiful 10 puppies on July 12th. We now have both litters pages up with all the puppies individual pictures. With the "FF" Litter we used 2 sires and will be DNA testing the puppies to see which sire fathered which puppies. We will be eagerly waiting the results!!

May 21st, 2010 
Brie was confirmed pregnant today with a medium sized litter. Xanto sired the litter. This is a repeat breeding ("BB" Litter) and we've heard the best things from the puppies owners!

April 29th, 2010
First off a Happy Belated Birthday to Brie who turned 4 on the 20th & Barney who turned 14 on the 26th!!! We also received some goods news that Liley's (Yolissa-"Y" Litter) hips passed with an OFA of Excellent! We are making a few changes o the site. We added a Stony Creek Litter's Page which has all the info on our past litters and from the "U" Litter on you now have access to the final puppy pics. 

April 5th, 2010
Happy 3rd Birthday Xaria, Xanto & the rest of the "X" Litter!! We wish you all many more :)

March 27th, 2010
Well Daley & Dante went the their new homes today and Dayne left on the 23rd so we've once again we have a empty nest :( We'll miss our babies but they all went to wonderful loving homes! We wish all the families great happiness and long healthy lives with their new family members!!

March 22nd, 2010
Happy 7th birthday to Brooke on March 17th and Happy 2nd birthday to Liley & Zoey from Brooke's first litter ("Y" Litter) on March 20th as well as the rest of the "Y" Litter!!

March 15th, 2010
A VERY Happy 14th Birthday to Betsy!!! We are so happy to have this girl still in our lives. Over the years she has been an amazing mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and a great-great grandmother to our current "DD" Litter. She has had a blast running agility until the age of 12 when we had to force her to retire :) We hope to have many more years with this special girl.

March 12th, 2010
We just uploaded a brand new video of the remaining 3 males available, Dante, Daley & Dayne. This was one of their first opportunities to run around and play outside and they throughly enjoyed themselves!!

February 27th, 2010
Well we've been making a few changes to the site as well as updating some of our dogs pictures. We've added 2 video's on the "DD" Litter page of the available pups. Our "DD" pups will start leaving for their new homes tomorrow... it's bitter sweet. We'll miss our little ones but it's wonderful to see them with their new families!!