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Stony Creek Girls

These girls are owned by & reside with Carol & Rhyan Ross.

Click on the picture to see OFA hip test results.

Wyss' Zoe of Cedar Creek (Zoe)
 Clear Sable and White
Sire: Williams' Yippy
Dam: Cahill's Lady Galdriel
November 10th, 2009
MDR1 Normal/Normal
OFA Fair

48 lbs 

Zoe's Photo Gallery

Click on the picture to see OFA hip test results

Butcher's Sadie of Stony Creek (Sadie)
 Sable and White
Sire: Owen's Seyjak
Dam: Cedar Creek Foothill's Judi
July 4th, 2010
MDR1 Mutant/Normal
OFA Good

40 lbs 

Sadie's Photo Gallery


Stony Creek's Betsy Ross V (Betsy)
 Clear Sable and White
Sire: Cimarron Jake of Stony Jake
Dam: Z-Best Lady Brie Stony Creek
November 6th, 2011
MDR1 Normal/Normal
PennHIP: 0.39 / 0.38

18" at shoulders
40 lbs

Betsy's Pedigree

Betsy's Photo Gallery

 Irish Wind Girls

These girls are owned by & reside with Randi Ross-Golembiewski.

Click on the picture to see OFA hip test results

Stony Creek's Your All Wound Up (Zoey)
Tri Color

 Sire: Stony Creek's Irish Hurricane Ripley
Dam: CH Stony Creek's N Irish Gale Brooke

 March 20th, 2008
MDR1 Normal/Normal by pedigree

OFA Good

20 1/2" at shoulder
48 lbs

Zoey's Pedigree

Zoey's Photo Gallery


Irish Wind's A Wee Bonnie Lass (Bonnie)
Clear Sable and White

 Sire: Cimarron Jake of Stony Creek
Dam: Stony Creek's You Drive Me Wild

 April 10th, 2013
MDR1 Normal/Normal by pedigree
PennHIP: 0.73/0.53

" at shoulder
40 lbs

Bonnie's Pedigree

Bonnie's Photo Gallery

(C) Stony Creek English Shepherds & Irish Wind English Shepherds 2015