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Stony Creek Girls

These girls are owned by & reside with Carol & Rhyan Ross.

Click on the picture to see OFA hip test results.

Wyss' Zoe of Cedar Creek (Zoe)
 Clear Sable and White
Sire: Williams' Yippy
Dam: Cahill's Lady Galdriel
November 10th, 2009
MDR1 Normal/Normal
OFA Fair
CEA Normal (Clear)
PRA-PRCD Normal (Clear)
DM Normal (Clear)

48 lbs 

Zoe's Photo Gallery

Zoe's Pedigree

Click on the picture to see OFA hip test results

Butcher's Sadie of Stony Creek (Sadie)
 Sable and White
Sire: Owen's Seyjak
Dam: Cedar Creek Foothill's Judi
July 4th, 2010
MDR1 Mutant/Normal
OFA Good

40 lbs 

Sadie's Photo Gallery

Sadie's Pedigree


Stony Creek's Betsy Ross V (Betsy)
 Clear Sable and White
Sire: Cimarron Jake of Stony Jake
Dam: Z-Best Lady Brie Stony Creek
November 6th, 2011
MDR1 Normal/Normal
PennHIP: 0.39 / 0.38 no djd
CEA Normal (Clear)
PRA-PRCD Normal (Clear)

18" at shoulders
40 lbs

Betsy's Photo Gallery

Betsy's Pedigree

Click on the picture to see OFA hip test results

Cedar Creek Good Golly Miss Molly (Molly)
Sable & White
Sire: Egertsen's Copperfield
Dam: Wyss' Zoe of Cedar Creek
October 4th, 2013
MDR1: Mutant/Normal
OFA Good
 CEA Normal (Clear)
PRA-PRCD Normal (Clear)
42-45 lbs

Molly's Photo Gallery

Molly's Pedigree

 Irish Wind Girls

These girls are owned by & reside with Randi Ross-Golembiewski.


Irish Wind's A Wee Bonnie Lass (Bonnie)
Clear Sable and White

 Sire: Cimarron Jake of Stony Creek
Dam: Stony Creek's You Drive Me Wild

 April 10th, 2013
MDR1 Normal/Normal
PennHIP: 0.73/0.53 no djd

" at shoulder
40 lbs

Bonnie's Photo Gallery

Bonnie's Pedigree


Irish Wind's Sunshine & Whisky (Ziva)
Tri Color

 Sire: Cedar Creek Heidtman's Boss
Dam: Heidtman's Ziggy

 November 3rd, 2014
MDR1 Normal/Normal
PennHIP: 0.46/0.37 no djd

Ziva's Photo Gallery

Ziva's Pedigree

(C) Stony Creek English Shepherds & Irish Wind English Shepherds 2015