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English Shepherds have been apart the Ross Family since 1951 when Roger (Carol's Husband, Randi & Rhyan's father) was a year old. Throughout his life there was always a constant companion around, a sable & white English Shepherd female named Betsy. Carol grew up working at the orchard and in 1981 Carol & Roger were married. Carol has been breeding English Shepherds since the 80's but took a break when she had her 3 daughters, though the English Shepherds were still on the farm.


Roger with the first Betsy Ross

 In 1996, Carol purchased Besty & Barney and in 1997 began re-breeding ES's again creating Stony Creek English Shepherds, along with the help of two of her daughters, Randi & Rhyan. Randi was married in 2007 and moved into her own home on the orchard property, where she now has Irish Wind Kennels. In 2010 Randi had the first grandchild on the farm, Mariah, who has been joined with another little girl, Rebecca. Both girls help take care and raise the litters, and our the official puppy socializer's. They love the dogs and puppies and are the next generation of ES lovers!


 Mariah with Kati

Throughout the years our breeding philosophy has remained the same. With every breeding we are looking to improve the breeds health & temperaments, while still keeping the breeds purpose intact. Though we personally don't use our dogs with livestock, our dogs still retain herding ability and can thrive on a working farm or ranch. We do a lot of agility with our dogs, receiving numerous titles and have competed here and there in UKC conformation, receiving several UKC Championships. A majority of our puppies go to companion homes, but they still need a "job", whether it's agility, therapy work, rally, or even going on walks and to the dog park. English Shepherds are a herding breed and need an energy outlet.


 Randi with Betsy & Barney


 Rhyan with Murphy

(C) Stony Creek English Shepherds & Irish Wind English Shepherds 2013